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  • 2001


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  • Zhejiang Hengxin Design Group Co., Ltd., founded in 2001, is a comprehensive architectural design service provider with strong comprehensive strength in China.

    The group company has many qualifications in the construction industry, including construction engineering design, engineering survey, landscape architecture, housing construction engineering supervision and many other Class A, and has engineering consulting, urban and rural planning, municipal, decoration, municipal public works supervision, appraisal Reinforcement and other comprehensive qualifications. The business scope covers urban and rural planning, architectural design, survey and survey, project supervision, construction management, general project contracting, judicial appraisal, supervision, consulting, surveying and mapping services and other aspects. With the registered capital of RMB 50.85 million , the group moved into the self-built Hengxin Office Park - No. 35, Jingang Road, Science and Technology City, Nanhu District, Jiaxing in 2017.

    Since 2010, the group has been actively expanding the market. By 2022, more than 50 branches have been established all over the country, from Heilongjiang in the north, Hainan in the south, Xinjiang in the west, and coastal provinces in the east. Our Hengxin people are all present.

  • Hengxin group has been rated as the provincial and municipal advanced survey and design enterprise, the most socially responsible construction enterprise, and the integrity unit of the survey and design industry association for many years. In the fierce market competition, adhering to the concept of "creative development, member development, diversified development, and service development" and the quality policy of "elaborate design, creating high-quality products, honest service, and exceeding customer expectations", Zhang Zhang drawings, carefully designed, Each project, high quality and low price, has won the satisfaction of the society and customers.

    Hengxin group pays attention to diversified development, and has successively established several subsidiaries and held a number of member units. In 2018, Hengxin Design was successfully listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations (stock code: 872936), marking Hengxin's new level in corporate management and capital operation, opening a new chapter, and the future of the company is even more prosperous!

    Pursuing excellence and inheriting culture, is the goal of the Hengxin people!


  • Qiu Lingyan

     / Group founder and chairman

    Ms. Qiu Lingyan is a senior enterprise management expert with both theoretical and practical experience. As the founder of Hengxin Group, she has continuously made great achievements in the long-term practice of comprehensive architectural design services.


    In the past 20 years, under the leadership of Ms. Qiu Lingyan, the development of Hengxin Group has been steadily improved. The registered capital has increased from the original 100,000 yuan to the current 50.85 million yuan, and the number of employees has increased from less than 20 to more than 800. The office space has been leased to a characteristic small and micro industrial park with an area of 20 acres; At the beginning of its establishment, the annual income was less than 2 million yuan, had increased to 760 million yuan in 2021; the accumulated revenue in the past five years was nearly 45 million yuan. The acquisition of Zhejiang Yuantong Construction Co., Ltd. in 2021 will give the group company the wings to spread its wings, and lay a solid foundation for the realization of a batch of high-quality general contracting enterprises advocated by the state.


    Apart from her success in business,Qiu Lingyan also pays attention to uniting people's hearts and caring for her subordinates. She is always the first one to lead others and set an excellent example for others; She devotes herself to contributing the society that she helped more than 60 disabled people, participated in unpaid blood donation activities for many times, What she did were very touching, and led to the active participation of a large number of caring people.

  • Shen Jianguang

     / Group founder and party secretary

    Shen Jianguang is an excellent strategist and tactician. On March 2, 2001, five people, Qiu Lingyan, Shen Jianguang, Meng Jianren, Zhang Yu, and Tang Min, jointly funded the establishment of Jiaxing Hengxin Design Consulting Co., Ltd., which opened the curtain of Hengxin Design Group. As the founder of Hengxin Design, Shen Jianguang has played an irreplaceable role in the transformation and development of the enterprise. He has always strictly demanded himself by the standard of a Communist Party member, and devoted himself to the development of the enterprise with the public servant consciousness of serving the people wholeheartedly.


    As far as Shen Jianguang concerned,Hengxin Design is not only a business card for a person or a team, but also allows other industry partners who are interested in inheriting construction culture, innovating construction technology, and creating a better life to share the Hengxin platform, so that those who have the strong and hard-working partners rely on the Hengxin platform to realize their personal value and give back to the society.